My name is Fernando Relvas and I have been telling stories with drawings for several decades now, in the form of what is commonly known today as graphic novel. I do not feel like making a philosophy of it and prefer broader terms to describe what I do. Let us say I am a storyteller.



I got used to live with an assortment of small and not so small handicaps. I spend several periods of my life limping, mainly the result of twisted ankles, but never considered it reason enough to stop walking. One day, at the end of a comic's festival, we were being taken by van to our hotel. Still holding to the van, I heard the door swishing on my back before it hit my left hand. It did not look serious and I tried to keep calm. I entered the gate, went through the yard, crossed the lobby and then dropped flat, over my right leg. Next day, the hand was all-right but I was limping (again!) on my way to the plane. That's why you may call me Jet Leg.

Agostinho da Silva, 2006.

Emerging artists, 2014.

Gastronomia das descobertas, 2000.